Donald Trump, Big Brother, Buhari, Melania Trump top searches on trends on Google this week.

Trending stories on Google this week, the stories are filled with fervour. Some of the stories that trended this week include the inauguration of the 45th president of the United States of America, the return of an acclaimed reality show and the largest protest march in recent time.

A Crowded Controversy for a Trumped President

The United States of America welcomed its 45th president at an inauguration ceremony this week. The newly decorated president also spent his first day in office eventfully. He lashed the news media over the misrepresentation of the crowd’s size at his inauguration, with claims that they were trying to sow division among Americans.

US President, Donald Trump
US President, Donald Trump

 Big Brother to Launch Again

Big Brother Nigeria again returned to the television screen after its first edition which held 10 years ago. The show which is a special Nigerian version of Big Brother Africa has been relaunched and renamed ‘Big Brother Naija’, and 12 contestants, known as ‘housemates,’ will go to South Africa for 11 weeks to win 25 million naira cash gift and a brand new Kia Sorento SUV car. Although the question netizens are asking is; why is a Nigerian show being shot in SA?

BB new mate

Who wishes President Buhari dead?

There was agitation on the internet over the week as rumour broke that the President of Nigeria had died in Germany, following complications of his health conditions. The presidential spokesmen were quick to dispel this rumour on social media, denying the news, and explaining that the president is well and alive, and was in London for his routine medical check-ups.

buhari travels 1

 The First Lady called Melania Trump

Melania Trump was a top search item this week. It appears that more people are not only interested in her poise and how she relates to her husband, Donald Trump, the new president of America. The searches made inquiry on her new jewellery line, which was plugged into her bio on the White House website.

The Largest Protest in America’s History Happened this week

Just as the world was witnessing the inauguration of President America’s newest president, Donald Trump, a demonstration which has been described as the largest demonstrations in American history converged to rally for women’s rights and to protest Donald Trump’s presidency. The protest march drew an estimated crowd of over 500, 000 women to Washington, DC. There were also demonstrations in other parts of the country.