Tribal violence must be evacuated



Tribalism has gone beyond the ordinary view of happenings in the world, it’s a situation whereby people from the same nation will be discriminating, involving themselves in a violent of attitudes act due to their tribe, state, language or culture.

Especially in Nigeria, this is now coming too rampant and paramount among the major tribes, which are: Igbo, Yoruba and Hausa. This evil concept has been transferred from one generation to another is now causing problem to the society.

Despite the fact that some leaders of each tribe are trying to eradicate tribalism but it’s still persist in the society. The majority tribe are still treating the minority inferior.

Something terrible happened in Lagos on the 20th of March 2017, a 70 years old Hausa man, Mr Musa Abu was stabbed by a Yoruba thug, Sunday Woko at Ogba, Lagos because Mr Abu refused to speak Yoruba, and anything Mr Abu was saying, Woko believed it was an insult and abuse, then he intentionally stabbed him on his arm which made Mr Abu to be hospitalised.

In an interrogation with some of the residents, they said that the thug Woko has been behaving any how In the society.

“Woko has been behaving anyhow in the society, despite the fact that Mr Musa didn’t do anything to him, he just went and stabbed him. Can he do that in the Northern state” they lamented.

However, Sunday Woko was arrested by the police and he was detained for 3days and he was asked to treat mr Musa Abu, and he later did.

In an interview with one of the residents of Ogba, Mr Gbonjubola Afolabi on tribalism, he said that tribalism has been in an existence since independence, so people should remember what unites them and stop violence.

He further urged people in the society to live as one and peacefully among one and other.