Group frowns against social injustice


A group, Gender Mobile initiative has on Wednesday, October 11 expressed dissatisfaction towards the activities of social injustice, domestic violence among others.

Gender Mobile made this known in a gathering at WaterCress hotel in Ikeja while commemorating the international day of the girl child on Wednesday.

With dignitaries present at the event, the initiative registered their anger towards social injustice, child abuse, teen marriage, discrimination of the female gender, among others, stressing that the acts are acts of social injustice that must be corrected by awarding punishments to the perpetrators of these social unjust.

In his speech, the ‎executive director, ‎Kids & Teens resource centre, Martin-Mary Falana said the act of social injustice within and outside the country must be corrected to letter.

In his own words, Martin-Mary Falana said; “We need to review our laws addressing rape cases in Nigeria and Parents need training on comprehensive sexual education to guide the child that is why GenderMobile is launching through its first symposium today.”

While lamenting on possible causes of gender-base violence, Martin-Mary Falana highlighted poverty, polygamy and educational level as causes of violence around the world.

“Poverty and polygamy are causes of gender-base violence, with Lack of gender equality and low educational level are cause of gender base violence, and Gender Mobile is looking forward to addressing all of that through partnership.”

In a similar vein, the project supervisor of the initiative, Omowunmi Ogunrotimi expressed gratitude for the massive turn up, stressing that the initiative is committed to replying to the distress calls of victims in a matter of 5 minutes through a helpline and their official website.

Omowunmi maintained that the initiative has made provision for psychological, medical and financial assistance with a strategic means of getting response from victims to address affected victims of social injustice, abused victims, among others.

“We reply your requests in a matter of 5 minutes through our helpline #07000000002 our website     
“Gender Mobile is open to helping both male and female and we are open to girls and children of all age brackets” Omowunmi said.

Participants at the event commended the initiative for the move to sanitize the Nigerian streets of perpetrators of social injustice and other related crimes.
They however called for the support of well-meaning Nigerians to support the great initiative so as to enable socially unjust free society.