I am improving- El-Zakzaky speaks from detention


After two years of detention with his wife Zeenah, the leader of the Islamic Movement of Nigeria, Sheik Ibrahim El-Zakzaky, was  allowed a brief public appearance on Saturday, January 13.

His  appearance at a Safe Facility in Abuja was to assure his followers that he is indeed alive, contrary to rumour of his death last week.

El-Zakzaky,who wore a white flowing gown and had a  turban on his head, told reporters that he was ok and had been allowed to see his doctor.

He thanked Nigerians for their prayers for him.

He also thanked the DSS for agreeing to his demand for a change that has enabled his personal doctors to examine him.

He said:”It was severe  on me on Monday but subsequently it started subsiding and for the first time, at least the security allowed me to see  my own doctors .

“So it was my own doctors who examined me.

“Before, I used to be  examined by DSS doctors alone, but this time, I did not agree  and my own doctors came to examine  me .

“I am getting better.Thanks for all your prayers.”