Radio entrepreneur Howard Stern has come a long way from being the wild man of his past; this is a considerably more restrained and traditional version of the person that made him famous in his heyday. He made the decision to express his opinions about Hailey Welsh, aka the “Hawk Tuah” girl, on his SiriusXM show.

The young lady, who went viral on YouTube over the weekend with a graphic explanation of how to do fellatio on a man, captured the attention of many on the internet. She even lost her employment at a school as a result of the viral clip, and she began making money online selling merchandise. Many people fell in love with Hailey after that viral moment, but it also exposed the most conservative aspects of individuals. Among them is Howard Stern, who is vehemently against this video being viral.

It was pretty obvious that parents would be the ones who didn’t approve of this video and Hailey’s actions, acting as if they were never young and restless. During his show, this is what Howard Stern said about the famous ‘Hawk Tuah’ girl: “As a dad myself of three girls that’s every father’s worst nightmare to see her on Instagram going ‘yeah you’ve got to hawk tuah on that f thing’. I’m on Instagram not much but that hawk tuah girl is everywhere. I think if I am analyzing it, the reason people like it so much is the girl is so uninhibited and it’s just so natural when she says it. It’s like she didn’t even think about. ‘My kid is Insta famous she’s the hawk tuah girl.'”

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