The management of Banana Island estate, Lagos has denied journalists access to the site of the collapsed seven-storey building.

The seven-story building collapsed Wednesday night. No fewer than seven persons were rescued from the rubble of the seven-storey building under construction.

According to reports, the incident took place inside the facility while employees were present.

The Lagos State Ministry of Physical Planning and Urban Development responded to the incident by saying a few persons were hurt but no one died.

The scene of the seven-story building’s collapse was off limits when news men arrived in the area Thursday morning.

Journalists were informed by private security guards on duty at the estate that they were not permitted to enter the property based on instructions from the management.

Reporters were seen setting up their cameras and other equipment outside the estate gate.

The journalists were questioned by Shola Odukoya, a representative of the Banana Island owners group, who said they lacked authorization to record the property.

Journalists were still outside the estate at the time of filing this article.

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