Russian drone has hit Ukrainian port facilities at Izmail on the Danube, close to Romania, a NATO member.

The elevator used to load grain and the grain warehouse sustained damage.

Egypt, China, and Israel were to get about 40,000 tonnes of grain, but Ukraine claimed that it was damaged.

After recanting from a United Nations agreement that permitted the secure export of grain across the Black Sea between the two nations, Russia started to target Ukrainian ports.

“These are the very ports that have become the foundation of global food security today,” Ukrainian minister Oleksandr Kubrakov said on his Twitter.

Video, filmed from the Romanian side of the Danube roughly 3km (1.9 miles) away, showed an extensive fire raging in the port area of Izmail early on Wednesday.

The ongoing Russian strikes on Ukrainian infrastructure “in the proximity of Romania” have been denounced as reprehensible by Romanian President Klaus Iohannis.

Emergency services were responding to the scene of the most recent Russian attack, according to Oleh Kiper, regional leader of Odesa, and no casualties had been reported.

“Unfortunately there has been damage,” stated President Volodymyr Zelensky, and the regional director shared multiple pictures on social media showing that multiple buildings had been damaged.

Ukraine’s defence ministry said an elevator had been damaged. Officials said the Izmail district prosecutor had launched an investigation into a cargo terminal, a warehouse and an elevator that were all damaged, without detailing exactly where in the Odesa region.

Ukraine is one of the world’s major exporters of wheat and corn.

According to data from the UN’s Food and Agriculture Organization, in 2021 Somalia relied on Ukraine and Russia for 90% of its wheat.

More than 50 million people across Somalia, Kenya, Ethiopia and South Sudan are in need of food aid because of successive years of failed rains.

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