Musk confirmed on Monday that Linda Yaccarino, a top NBCUniversal executive, has been appointed the new CEO of Twitter
He made the announcement shortly after NBC said Yaccarino had resigned as Chairman of Global Advertising and Partnerships
Yaccarino interviewed Musk on April 18 and boasted about her ‘work ethic’ – leading some to speculate the meeting sealed the deal.

As rumors about her selection for the Twitter position grew, Yaccarino announced her resignation as head of advertising for NBC earlier in the day. In December, Musk declared that he would leave his position as CEO once he had found someone ‘foolish enough’ to take over.

Her hiring comes after she gushed about her “work ethic” while interviewing Musk at a marketing event in April, a meeting that some have suspected may have been crucial to her selection.

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