A knife attack in a park in the French mountain town of Annecy left six people hurt, including four children.
According to French sources, the casualties are as young as three, and two youngsters as well as a man are in life-threatening condition.
According to police, the attacker, a 31-year-old Syrian male with refugee status in Sweden, was shot before being taken into custody.

Police said he has no connections to Islamist organizations.
Anthony Le Tallec, a former Liverpool player, claims to have seen the knifeman attack an elderly man prior to the officer shooting him.

French President Emmanuel Macron has said “the nation is in shock”, calling it an “act of absolute cowardice”

The city’s mayor has denounced the “appalling attack” and said a press conference will be held soon.

The BBC has seen a video that shows the man who attacked children in Annecy with a knife this morning.

In the footage – which you can watch below – a man with a beard, sunglasses, and a bandana is seen running through a park, being chased by a man with a backpack.

The man is wearing a dark top and dark, knee-length shorts. He appears to be holding a knife.

The BBC has verified the time and location of the video.

Police have said the man who carried out the attack was shot in the legs, overpowered, and arrested.

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