After being overthrown in a coup by the army and placed under house arrest, President Ali Bongo of Gabon has made an appeal for assistance.

People celebrate in support of the putschists in the street of Libreville, Gabon August 30, 2023 REUTERS/Gerauds Wilfried Obangome

He exhorted followers to “raise your voice” while speaking from what he claimed to be his home.

Army officers had earlier announced their coup on television.

They proclaimed that they were voiding the results of the election held on Saturday, which the opposition claimed was rigged and in which Mr. Bongo was pronounced the victor.

Uncertainty exists as to who is in charge of the nation; nevertheless, the head of the presidential guard claims that President Bongo has “retired” and denies having been appointed as such.

Additionally, the officers claimed to have detained one of Mr. Bongo’s sons for treason.

The removal of Mr. Bongo would put an end to his family’s 55-year rule of Gabon.

While approximately 90% of the nation is covered in woods, it is one of Africa’s top oil producers. In June 2022, it joined the Commonwealth.

In his video message, Mr Bongo confirmed he was under house arrest.

“My son is somewhere, my wife is in another place… Nothing is happening. I don’t know what is going on,” he said in English, before again asking for help.

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Garbon it’s an oil-rich country on the west coast of Central Africa, with a small population of just 2.4 million.

Ali Bongo was declared the winner of Saturday’s disputed elections and has been president since 2009. Before that, his father was in power for 41 years.

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