Hilda Baci, holder of the Guinness World Record, will demonstrate her culinary prowess in Lagos on Friday, July 14, in an effort to collect money for a widow.

The initiative by Joseph Edgar, The Duke of Shomolu, to help widows and provide them the means to support themselves will include tasting some of Baci’s meals.

This was revealed on Sunday by Edgar, the chief executive of Duke of Shomolu Productions, a company that produces plays for the stage.

In an effort to raise N1 million for a widow, he said Baci is anticipated to demonstrate her “mesmerizing skills that enthralled the world and saw her emerge as the Guiness record holder.”

He said that the three-year-old effort has helped worthy widows by raising more than N10 million.

โ€œThe initiative involves very close friends and associates of The Duke of Shomolu, donating cash instead of gifts to mark his birthdays.

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