A 19-year-old lady has been arrested after allegedly having sex with a dog and posting “extremely graphic” videos of the abuse on social media.

Denise Frazier is charged with unnatural intercourse and aggravated cruelty to an animal.


A worried Mississippi resident who watched the video on social media reportedly notified police to the existence of a video featuring a woman and a male dog.

In his 17 years of law enforcement, Sergeant J.D. Carter of the Jones County Sheriff’s Department remarked, “This is one of the most distressing instances I’ve ever investigated.”

He claimed that because the films “are so graphic,” officers are not even permitted to talk about them.

According to reports, Frazier acknowledged that the video showed her having sex with an animal.

Carter claims that Frazier’s defense was that she was coerced into carrying out the horrible deeds, but claims that there is no proof of that even though they are looking into it.

According to the Laurel Leader-Call, she allegedly informed police that she had been “threatening to do it” and that “people pay [her]” for the tapes.

“We’ve never dealt with this particular type of case before,” Carter said. “There are really no true words to describe it other than disgusting. 

“So, right now, we’re still in that initial phase, right past the first part of it. But, we’re still going to look into it to see if there’s more.”

He says there may be more videos filmed in other counties. They have alerted nearby sheriff’s departments

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