Wrestling fan @AJG424 tweeted a list of the top WWE Superstars from each and every year from 2000 to the present (2023), and it’s one hell of a list with plenty of current skill and nostalgia.

The roster is full with generational talents, modern wrestlers, and historical luminaries, including names like Stone Cold S]teve Austin, the Cerebral Assassin Triple H, and the Legend Killer Randy Orton.

Wrestlers such as John CenaCM Punk, and AJ Styles appear on the list multiple times, with CM Punk being named as the best for three years in a row.

And in most recent times, Roman Reigns won both 2021 and 2022 after a very impressive almost 1000-day title reign since the infamous heel turn and creation of The Bloodline.

The COVID pandemic was significantly made more palatable by Drew McIntyre, whose outstanding run kept fans interested all year long.

It was the Scotsman who carried the product and consistently produced some of his best work at a time when many questioned how the WWE would function without a live audience and significant modifications that had to be made in order to be able to put on shows.

Although notables like 2007 The Undertaker, 2008 Chris Jericho, and 2006 Edge all failed to make the list, there was much discussion among fans about their exclusion.

2000 – The Rock

2001 – Stone Cold

2002 – Kurt Angle

2003 – Brock Lesnar

2004 – Triple H

2005 – Batista

2006 – John Cena

2007 – John Cena

2008 – Triple H

2009 – Randy Orton

2010 – John Cena

2011 – CM Punk

2012 – CM Punk

2013 – CM Punk

2014 – Brock Lesnar

2015 – Seth Rollins

2016 – AJ Styles

2017 – Brock Lesnar

2018 – AJ Styles

2019 – Becky Lynch

2020 – Drew McIntyre

2021 – Roman Reigns

2022- Roman Reigns

2023 (So Far) – Sami Zayn

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