Pandemonium ensued in Ado Ekiti following the murder of a middle-aged driver known only as Olasunkanmi Joseph.

The victim was shot dead by unidentified gunmen believed to be armed robbers.

According to reports, the masked attackers pursued the victim in his automobile around the Irona neighborhood of the capital city.

An eyewitness account stated the shooters followed the man and ambushed him when he became caught in traffic.

“It was as if he knew he was being trailed, judging by the manner he drove to that point but his assailants caught up with him in the traffic congestion, when he could no longer move. The gunmen, who were dressed in black dragged him out of the car to the ground. They shot him dead. They carried a sack from his car and zoomed off in their car. Nobody can say exactly what the bag contained, whether money or another thing,” he said.

Nevertheless, the eyewitness further said that the deceased was on his way home when the incident occurred and that the gunmen took N10m the deceased went to withdraw from a commercial bank in Ado-Ekiti.

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