North Korea has acknowledged that Travis King is in its possession in response to first inquiries regarding the whereabouts of the US soldier.

On July 18, while on a guided trip, the 23-year-old private hurried across the border from South Korea.

According to the UN Command, Pyongyang’s reaction would not be discussed in further detail at this time.

“Did not want to interfere with the efforts to bring him home,” the statement read.

The response, meanwhile, suggests Pyongyang might be prepared to begin talks.

The UN Command, responsible for overseeing the Demilitarized Zone (DMZ), had contacted the North Korean Army [KPA] in the Joint Security Area directly to obtain information regarding Private 2nd Class (PV2) King.

“KPA has responded to the United Nations Command with regards to PV2 King. In order not to interfere with our efforts to get him home, we will not go into details at this time,” a statement said.

Although they had previously acknowledged receiving the request, the North Koreans have now confirmed that the US soldier is in their possession in a response that is new.

PV2 King’s captivity has not been publicly recognized by North Korea.

PV2 King was detained in South Korea for two months on assault accusations prior to crossing the border. The 10th of July saw his release.

Despite being scheduled to return to the United States for disciplinary action, he was able to exit the airport and proceed with the DMZ trip.

As part of his rotation, the reconnaissance expert, who has been in the army since January 2021, was in South Korea.

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