A well-known actress named Asia Abdelmajid was killed in the fighting in Khartoum’s north, startling the locals who now find that friends and family members had joined the battle.

Abdelmajid, who turned 80 this year, originally rose to fame for her stage appearances in the Pamseeka production in 1965. It was screened at Omdurman’s national theater to mark the anniversary of Sudan’s first uprising against a coup leader.

Before quitting theater for a career in education, she was considered as a theatre pioneer and the country’s first professional stage actress.

Her family claims that she was buried within hours after being shot on Wednesday morning on the premises of the kindergarten where she had most recently worked. It was too dangerous to bring her to a cemetery.

It is unclear who shot the woman in the head during the skirmishes in the northern suburb of Bahri. But the army, which prefers to attack from the air, is still being fought by paramilitary fighters of the Rapid Support Forces (RSF), who are stationed in their bases in residential areas all over the city.

The RSF claims that on Wednesday, the military attempted to send out members of the police’s special force unit, but that the unit rejected their ground offensive.

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