When you’re the Prince and Princess of Wales, there is no such thing as a quiet pint.

Crowds were packed into Soho’s winding streets as Prince William and Catherine made their way to the Dog and Duck in the center of London’s bohemian district.

Prince William grabbed a pint of the suitably named “Kingmaker” beer while practicing his bartending skills.

The Elizabeth Line, which bears the late Queen’s name, was used by the royal couple to get to Soho.

A justification that not many of us could ever make sense of was that the noon visit to the pub was to help the efforts of the hospitality industry in the lead-up to the Coronation.

“You just get the best conversations in a pub… everyone is relaxed. You never know who you’re going to meet,” said Prince William talking inside the pub.

Local drinkers who have heard their fair share of wild tales may have that opinion, but who was going to believe them when they claimed to have seen Prince William and Kate walking into the Dog and Duck?

The weekend’s Coronation is almost approaching, and Prince William claimed that his son Prince George was looking forward to the event.

Outside, Catherine shook hands with a burgeoning gathering of people, albeit it was a difficult choice because everyone was recording it on their phones.

Catherine was keeping up the side with a smart red outfit, which you’re quite likely to see on the front pages of newspapers, as she stood behind the bar in a way that would have made Peggy Mitchell proud.

These visits are a strange version of real life. A helicopter was hovering above, police had set up cordons and in the middle of it a man in a white coat was trying to deliver meat, baffled at what was going on.

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