After a rookie sprinter was permitted to participate in an international sporting event, Somalia suspended a sports official for nepotism.

At the World University Games in China, Nasra Abubakar Ali finished the 100 meters nearly twice as fast as the winner.

That she is “not a sports person, nor a runner” was discovered after an inquiry by the Somali Ministry of Youth and Sport.

The Somali Athletics Federation’s chairwoman has been charged with misusing her position of authority and disparaging Somalia.

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After the National Olympic Committee and the country’s ministry of sports met, Khadijo Aden Dahir was asked to resign.

They also discovered during their preliminary research that there is no such organization as the Somali University Sports Association.

Legal action would be taken, according to the ministry, against the chairman of the Somali Athletics Federation as well as anyone else involved in the “falsification” of the sports organization.

How Ms. Dahir and Ms. Ali are related was not explained in detail.

In the event’s footage, the competitor is quickly out of frame and ends the race with a cheerful skip.

The rookie finished the race in 21.81 seconds, more than ten seconds slower than the winner.

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