President Bola Tinubu has warned the service chiefs against “working at cross purposes and colliding with each other”.

The president emphasized the need for coordination and collaboration among all security agencies.

In his first meeting with the nation’s security officials on Thursday, he read them the riot act.

National security, according to Tinubu, must be coordinated, and he vowed to reject anything to the contrary.

Babagana Mongonu, the national security adviser (NSA), addressed state house correspondents at the end of the two-hour meeting.

“All agencies must work to achieve one single purpose. Working at cross purposes and colliding with each other is not something that he will condone,” the NSA said.

“He has made it very, very clear that all the security agencies must comply with the demands of coordination, with the demands of frequent consultations and also timely reports which must be acted on.”

The president was also said to have mandated the security agencies to come up with a blueprint for tackling insecurity in the country.

Tinubu said he doesn’t have the luxury of time, adding that necessary changes should be effected as soon as possible.

The president said the welfare of the troops must be prioritised henceforth.

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