Former U.S. President Donald Trump has sued his former lawyer, Michael Cohen for $500m (£400m), on the allegation of breach of contract.

One of the leaked documents focuses on the Black Sea grain agreement, which was negotiated in July after concerns about a worldwide food crisis by the UN and Turkey.

He claims Michael Cohen violated his ethical obligation to represent his client’s interests.

The lawsuit was filed as Trump supporters’ attacks on Cohen, a crucial witness in a New York probe into the former president, increased.

Last Monday, a Manhattan prosecutor accused Mr. Trump of fraud in connection with payments of hush money to a porn star.

Lanny Davis, the lawyer and spokesman for Cohen, told the BBC that he was certain his client will win the case.

Also, Cohen is charged with making “improper, self-serving, and spiteful remarks about his former client, his family, and his business” in the lawsuit, which was filed in a federal court in Florida.

Cohen represented Mr. Trump for more than ten years. He was frequently referred to as Mr. Trump’s fixer and served as vice president of the Trump Organization.

But as investigations into numerous of Mr. Trump’s associates began after the 2016 victory, the two experienced a severe falling out.

In 2018, Cohen admitted admission to counts of fraud and violations relating to campaign finance, and was given a three-year prison term and a fine.

After doing his time, Cohen has emerged as a prominent opponent of Mr. Trump and a regular on TV shows.

He has written a book and hosts a podcast, both of which Mr Trump cites in the lawsuit.

It says Cohen fabricated conversations and wrongfully called Mr Trump a “racist” in his 2020 book Disloyal.

Cohen’s lawyer, Mr Davis, said in a statement to the BBC: “Mr Trump appears once again to be using and abusing the judicial system as a form of harassment and intimidation against Michael Cohen.

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