An interesting video was released by a lifestyle influencer after she received feedback that her athleisure look was inappropriate from another woman.

Perth native Dasha (@itsnotdasha) uploaded the video with her 70,000 TikTok fans.

The blonde filmed herself strutting down an aisle of a store while grocery shopping and holding a basket.

Dasha modeled a matching pair of gray sportswear, which included a sports bra and leggings, exposing her cleavage and tightened waist.

In the video, she claimed that she chose the clothing on purpose because she had previously been “told by a Karen to cover up.”

‘POV: me at the supermarket purposely wearing activewear that a Karen told me is too inappropriate and I should cover up,’ she stated.

The influencer smiled confidently as she added: ‘Stay bitter Kezza!’

In order to show that she hasn’t let the woman’s approach get to her, Dasha added the hashtag #hotgirlwalk.

In the comments, people complimented Dasha for refusing to be embarrassed and voiced their own opinions about her attire.

“Never give in to the haters who are putting people down for their unhealthy state of mind,” one commentator advised.

And it’s motivated by resentment since you’re so stunning, a fellow user continued.

Another said, “Karen is just jealous no one is looking at her,” and a third laughed.

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